Wednesday, February 24, 2010

“Mayʼn BIG WAAAAAVE!! Asia Tour 2010 – Live in Kuala Lumpur”

Hou Yeh, May'n is coming to town

This is sure a good news for those anime fans like me myself. Seing May'n performing live in person is gonna be so awesome, since i'm a big fans of her. I've been addicted by her vocal and singing skills, everytime i listen to her song featured in this anime makes me got goosebumps.

I wish i could see her live in person. Hope Mr Serge give me a chance lol.

Macross frontier - Diamond Crevasse.
Details of this event
Venue: KL Live, 1st Floor, Life Centre, 20 Jln Sultan Ismail
Ticket Price: Outlets - MYR 198 , At the Door - MYR 218
Phone : +65 6325 9871


All the stuff prepare to offer the gods.

Roasted Piglet's Arse.

Ready to burn.

Fire Burning.

Flame on.

The end, all dust.

Yummy, the skin damm crispy.

Some soup noodle.

Two Aces

Boom, fireworks.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine Day Sux

The True Meaning of Valentine Day

The reason i create this post is very simple, Valentine day is just around the corner. I assume that you have been single before, normaly during this kind of occation. Couples buy each other presents,flowers and a candle light dinner.

Benefit for Singles, we can save money on not buying those over priced Flowers and Overcharged Dinner or stuck in a Traffic Jam, finding Parking Spaces, walking in those crowded shopping centers. Some might be saying i'm saying that what i know or i doesn't understand because i'm been single for like 5 Years, but this is the fact that you all have to face.
Those so call Valentine packages is ways for the businesman to promote their product and earning more money. Eventhough they charge unreasonably. Yes, you can said that once in a while it's ok, but have you think properly on this. It doesn't need to be Valentine day to Love your partner, everyday can be valentine day as long as you Love her/him. It doesn't take expensive gifts to represent your Love for your partner, just some simple self made card or a simple home cook dinner is enough.
Maybe nowadays people usually use expensive gifts to represent how much they love their partner, for example if i buy a Luxurious watch for her/him does it means that i really Love her/him ? You can't measure your love using Goods, use your action to do so.

Correct me if i'm wrong, this is just my opinion on Valentine Day.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I Miss this Heaven a lot.

I've been missing this place for a long time, Pangkor Island Resort. I miss the beautiful sunset, bikini, beach.

The sea breeze, the sunset. Awesome.

The Soft sand and those tiny little crabby.

I really need this.

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