Saturday, August 27, 2011

Half Day Trip @ Malacca

Life is boring sometimes so we need to put some sparks into it. On a Lazy Sunday, after having brunch with my family suddenly i craved for Malacca's local food. Such as Satay Celuk and ABC, thinking that my friend Horace aka Ah Yat is having a wedding dinner there. I called up Meic and we decided to go Malacca to pick Horace up go for food hunting.

The Famous Jonker 88

Yum Yum, drooling now~

 Lucky that we arrived early, if not sure damm dissapointed.

 Mahkota parade that renovated recently.
Jonker street

How i love my life sometimes, no string attacted. I can go where ever i want, but sometimes it's better to be "LOVED"

Sungai Lembing Trip

Sometimes in life, trips does comes out of no where. My friend Wei Seng asked to go to this Company trip that he's hosted on April, without second thought i straigh away say "Yes". Since it's been a while that i didn't go for such adventures trips, ;) We tooked off at night, reach our guest house round 3AM in the morning. To go into the famous Lembing Rainbow Water, one must first take a 45Minutes 4X4 ride into the woods, cross a knee deep river and another 1Hour and 30 minutes by foot to reach the destination.

My room sharing with Wei Seng, Cheap and nice

The view was so nice that i've forgotten everything about the whole climbing part, it worth every penny.

 The Girls, Wei Seng and me

Yes, i did fall and hurt myself. Reminder: Wear some proper jungle treking shoes instead of "CROC". I've slipped too many times that i couldn't recall back.

 From left to Right, Eyrena, Stephy, and Nicole.

After conquering the Rainbow Waterfall, Mount Lembing was next. Mount Lembing is famous for it's hill climbing and the breathtaking sea of clouds. It kinda killed me when i was climbing it, but i managed to get it over. There's lot of stairs and the stairs are steep, so becareful if you're there.

The Sunrise at Mount Lembing, it's worth it.

Check out the sea of clouds, breath taking i must say.

LOB on Kaleebso @ Pulau Jarak

This post is way back to January, which is like 7 months ago. This is my first LOB Dive trip with Dolphin Sport and second time dive after taking my licence. It was a rush trip to be frank, my friend mention to me at last minute. If you doesn't understand the term "LOB", LOB means Living On Board. It means that you Eat, Sleep, Crap and Dive on the boat without standing on the main land. It's much convinient, basicly you wake up in the morning. Eat, Dive, Eat, Dive, Eat, Dive, Eat, Dive.

This is where we put all our gears when we're on board, just steps from the deck. I love this design, it's simple and it's fun :)

This is our Lady Boss, she's also our cook. I miss her cooking just looking back at those food pictures that i tooked.

Check out those delicious/Yummy/Juicy/Tasty foods, imagine after diving for almost 45 minutes. You get on board and you eat directly. That feeling is so nice, I wanted to shout "I'm the King of The WOrld" like the movie Titanic. LOL

This is where we stay, small front cabin. Small but good enough since we just needed a place to rest and sleep.

The Diving part is just so so, since the dive spot is not that nice. The best of LOB is about Eat, Dive, Eat, Dive and Eat again and again.

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