Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Work Hard!

Sigh, i feel like wanna scream as loud as i can, i wanna let go all the fire and the hate inside of me.
I need a long vacation, and i need some time to chill. I really cannot stand all those reality pressure anymore. It's making me crazy.
When i becoming older, i notice the Important of $. The more $ you got, the more you can get. Every single day, everyone is working hard to earn more $ to fullfil their needs. I used to think that branded stuff it's just some stuff that rich people use them to show off or something. Now for me it's a reward or gift for rewarding ourself for all those hardworks. People work hard to enjoy a better life.
Work Hard, Buy Hard!
[It's True Love exist?]
[Ya, in your Dreams.]

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Hottest James Bond Movie Ever!

Last i experienced the HOTTEST JAMES BOND MOVIE ever! What The FIsh!
Stuck inside the Cinema with no air con for more then 2 hour.
Last night Stanley and me both attented the GoMobile's movie screening for 007 Quantum of Solace. Thx a lot for thx tix.
Shadow Good Meh?
movieposter.jpgThe movie it's ok for me. Love the Action. Thought this time all those Girl's are not as pretty as the previos Bond Girl.
As Usual la. Call me Bond, James Bond.
The Bond Girl, so so only. Sigh!
The Bad Guy. Dominic Greene.
(He looks like the Gollum in LOTR)
The movie will be much more better if there's a Bloody Air-con, What The Fish!
Somemore the last few scene, fill with fire even more hot faint.........

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