Thursday, December 23, 2010

HTML5 is Now.

HTML5 is the next major revision of the HTML standard, currently under development.

HTML5 is...NOW! - Jason Beaird from Jason Beaird on Vimeo.

Carlsberg's Christmas Celebration 2010

Christmas is just around the corner and Carlsberg has already thrown an awesome party at Euphoria, Sunway. There was performance by Joanne Kam, DJ Miss Match.

The Deco surrouding the stange

Carlsberg's own Green Santa, Ho Ho Ho.

There's a live band performance which is really good, but i forgot the name of the band. Sorry about that. 

There was the Carlsberg's gal, green elf's.

Hawt Kate in green and Vincent Lim.

Boss, you're looking for something, Joanne Kam in Pink, She's a really good comedian.

Bottoms up, cheers ah.

You'll never guess what she took out from her Long Kang.

One of the cutest Mc i ever seen, anyone got her no/ Facebook?

Overtime 1 Year Anniversary & Grand Opening of new branch at Tropicana Mall

It was my first time to Over Time Tropicana Mall,  the enviroment and atmosphere was quite good compared to other club's that i've been to.

I was following Joshua to this event.

While all the medias are setting their equipment

I was busy enjoying the tasty beer serve by OverTime, "Starker" is quite refreshing compared to other famous brands selling in Malaysia.


The long awaited Ms Lin Chi Ling, she's much prettier in real person. =)

Lin Chi Ling holding the "Stalker Hammer" and ready to smash the Barrel of Staker.

Olivia Ong steps into OverTime. 

Her voice and her songs are deadly so be aware. 

One word to describe, her live performance is really great. 

My New Shoe

Everybody said hell to my all new LEBRON VIII

It's a size 14, no thanks to my well grown feet. T,T

It got 2 colours to choose from but due to the size problem the only colour i could choose would be White.

It's does looks great but the best part is My feet is under good shoe.

KLIMS 2010

KLIMS stands for Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show, this event is held at PWTC. The main feature thing about this year's KLIMS was a 1:1 scale Bumble bee. 

Look at the size of this babe, you can compare with the guard standing beside it.

The main attraction not other than Bumble Bee is the Beautiful Models possing for the cars. She's a goddess possing for a Chevorlet Cruze Racing edition.

Picture tells everything, see for yourself.

The replacement model for the existing "Supra"

Loves the Curve of that ass.

This is the car of the show i must say. 

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