Saturday, October 18, 2008

Size Does Matter!

The SLIMMER the Better

I love Slim Phone, don't ask me i just love it. But it really depends on the design and the functions as well. I used to have one of Samsung C 100. Love the Slim design, Nice Polyphonic Sound and it's weight. After C100 all my phones seems to be oversized. Sob Sob T.T
Below are all my Phone History, LoL.

Samsung C 100


Nokia 6600


Nokia 6630


Sony Ericsson W810i 1205237995.jpg
Sony Ericsson P1

Nokia_N95_8gb_Cod_Escrow_And_Cod.jpg Nokia N95 8GB

I got a new Target. The Slim and sleek Samsung U800 Soul B.

samsung-u800-02.jpg Samsung U800 Soul B

So Slim, So nice, fantastic.

Come with 5 colours

Argh look at them, aren't they look beautiful. Drool~


fie the elf said...

i'd pick either the red or pink one =D

John Mah said...

Fie The Elf:i take the silver one,LOL.

She's Jess said...

I'll go for the red one :D

John Mah said...

She's Jess: LoL.

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