Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Work Hard!

Sigh, i feel like wanna scream as loud as i can, i wanna let go all the fire and the hate inside of me.
I need a long vacation, and i need some time to chill. I really cannot stand all those reality pressure anymore. It's making me crazy.
When i becoming older, i notice the Important of $. The more $ you got, the more you can get. Every single day, everyone is working hard to earn more $ to fullfil their needs. I used to think that branded stuff it's just some stuff that rich people use them to show off or something. Now for me it's a reward or gift for rewarding ourself for all those hardworks. People work hard to enjoy a better life.
Work Hard, Buy Hard!
[It's True Love exist?]
[Ya, in your Dreams.]

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