Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Redang Trip 2010

It's been 2 months since i'm back from Redang Island. I've miss every single thing that's on that Island, the blue sky, sea breeze, the soft sand. It was like heaven, but reachable. 

The main reason i'll show up at here is because i'm getting my Diving Licence, it's been a dream when i was small imagining me myself as a fish swimming along with those cute little fishes. The best part was i encounter with a Turtle, it was one of the most awesome moments of my life, too bad i can't take a picture of it. This is one of mine diving buddy, Allan.

This trip really means a lot to me, i learned that Practice does make perfect. At the start when all of my buddies was getting a hang of the diving skills, i'm struggling to keep up with them. I swear to God at that time i was thinking to Quit, it was too hard i kept drinking sea water it taste bad and salty. I almost cried on that moment thinking that i'm a loser and i can't achieve anything in my life. Lucky i met Terry, my diving instructor. He encourage me not to give up and convince me to kept trying, he gave me a one to one practice, while my other buddies stick with our other Instructor William. Yes, i must admit. I'm a slow learner and thanks to Terry's afford of pushing me to my own limits, i finally achieve what i wanted all along. Thanks again, Terry.

It's the night i'll been waiting for, celebrating for our graduation. We sure party hard and enjoy every single moment of it. I was shaking and jumping all over the place. It's sure been the happiest moments of my life ever.

Here's my crazy gang, we go people coming from USA, PRC, AUS. Though we just meet for a few days, but we ended up as good friends. It was fun hanging out this gang, sure maybe we're from a different country plus different culture but we sure rocked it with GAGA's Style. Baby.

We're planning to meet up again at March 2011, see you guys. =)

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