Saturday, August 27, 2011

LOB on Kaleebso @ Pulau Jarak

This post is way back to January, which is like 7 months ago. This is my first LOB Dive trip with Dolphin Sport and second time dive after taking my licence. It was a rush trip to be frank, my friend mention to me at last minute. If you doesn't understand the term "LOB", LOB means Living On Board. It means that you Eat, Sleep, Crap and Dive on the boat without standing on the main land. It's much convinient, basicly you wake up in the morning. Eat, Dive, Eat, Dive, Eat, Dive, Eat, Dive.

This is where we put all our gears when we're on board, just steps from the deck. I love this design, it's simple and it's fun :)

This is our Lady Boss, she's also our cook. I miss her cooking just looking back at those food pictures that i tooked.

Check out those delicious/Yummy/Juicy/Tasty foods, imagine after diving for almost 45 minutes. You get on board and you eat directly. That feeling is so nice, I wanted to shout "I'm the King of The WOrld" like the movie Titanic. LOL

This is where we stay, small front cabin. Small but good enough since we just needed a place to rest and sleep.

The Diving part is just so so, since the dive spot is not that nice. The best of LOB is about Eat, Dive, Eat, Dive and Eat again and again.


Anonymous said...

hi, can u share your experience dive at pulau jarak...put some picture also yeah...

X-plorasi said...

hi, can u share your experience diving at pulau jarak and how many times a you diving one day? How about your the best time to go diving there.

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