Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dive Trips

This trip was quite interesting, when i register for this dive. I'm still a noobie diver that log less than 10 dives, for this dive trip. I even had my Advance Diver Licence in Phi Phi Island, just to make sure my skill is ok. Ended up everything go smoothly, as i really put my effort in practicing my skills :)

Sipadan Water Village. 5 stars resort that comes with corals beneath it.

Dive center of SWV, one of the best dive shop i have been. Professional Service 
Outside of the resort, stays the locals. 
Our floating dining hall.
Spotted people doing night dives, looks like seamonster lurking around no?

Resting after checking out schools of Baraccuda, Bump Head, Jack fish, sharks and many more. Once in a lifetime experience.

Nothing beats a full meal of BBQ dinner, the food in SWV is heavenly.

Took this during my dive in our Resort's house reef, Paradise 1. This two fish is as huge as me, playing around infront of my camera. You can't imagine how scared am i.
Ending my dive trip, bringing back home not just precious memories. Meeting people from around the world, fooling, drinking around. I even received this precious Swiss Made Knife from my friends that came from Switzerland :)

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