Monday, July 21, 2008

When Batman Meets HellBoy af Sunday.

Last Sunday, i went for Movie section alone. I watched it alone since all my friends already watch.

Hell Boy2: The Golden Army,
Bat Man: The Dark Knight,
It was my first time having 2 movies in a time, and it was quite fun actcually. Rushing to the other Cinema Hall to catch the other movie. So i started watching around 11.30AM.
I started with Hell Boy 2: The Golden Army,
The starting was quite interesting, The bed time story seems to be true. War between races. Peace is not for everyone.
The Golden Army, that will never fall.
The Brother and Sister
Prince Nuada
Princess Nuala
Abe Sapien fall in Love into Princess Nuala.
The New In Charge, Johann Krauss. He's a Smoke kind of thing lol.
Our Hero's Wife. Liz Shermen
[Its much more action compare to the first movie, and alot more laugh point.]
[I give it a 8/10]
After HB2, its almost time for my next movie.
Bat Man: The Dark Knight

For me this movie, i prefer Joker
Why So Serious.
Hahahahahahahaha.I'm Joker.
Hello, Welcome to the world without Rules
I'm not a physco, i'm just a man that look way further ahead.
Got it!!!!!!!!!
One more thing, you wanna know where i got these scars from.
Mua hahahahahaha.

“You Either Die A Hero, Or Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain.” Our Hero, Batman aka Bruce Wayne was stunned by this phrase.
Wtf Man, I'm BatMan u know. I know when i'm doing The Right Thing.
here's the best part, one of my favourite Villan, Twin Face has came out.
Hello, I'm Harvey Dent. I'm Handsome, so belive me.
OMG, No no.....not my face. Please don hit my face. I'm using my face for a living.
Am I handsome? Huh! answer Me. Asnwer Me.......
Twin Face was born, because Harvey Dent seeks for avenge of evil and becoming it.
This Movie is really awesome. it show's the true spirit of BatMan. Out of the Darkness comes the Knight. Who can always take the blame and Making the right Choice.
[This movie is totally worth paying, i give it a 10/10]
This is the Real Batman Movie.


King said...

Two face was crazily freaky looking. Super evil looking!

John Mah said...

ya ya ya, he was so cool.

Alexis-Marie said...

uRGH.. haven't seent the movie yet... but joker looks scary.

John Mah said...

yup indeed he's not scarry. He's just nuts.

patrick said...

kudos to the makers of Dark Knight for their record breaking opening weekend... it's no wonder there's talk of another one coming out ASAP

joshuaongys said...


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