Friday, July 4, 2008

The most Healthiest breakfast ever.

This is the store next to my shop.


It may look silent, but when its morning. This place will be packed by lots of uncle and aunties.

Normally, i seldom eat at here because its just next to my shop.

I had this last last Saturday, before i start work.


Oil Fried Ghost


Lou Pork


Main dish

Bat Kut Teh


Ah, Such a Healthy Breakfast.



Samuel said...

yeah.. tat is definitely the healthiest breakfast.. haha

JohnMah said...

ROFLMAO, true thats true.

joshuaongys said...

not oil bomb expensive meh? lolx

SJ said...

so oily... you haven't die meh?

Holly Jean said...

haha... if u die eating tht .. u'd go straight to heaven... sooo yummmyyyyy

JohnMah said...

LOL, ya its true. thx for dropping by Hollyjean.

Serene said...

eh i love bak kut teh too! looks yummy *droooool*

Johnny Ong said...

long time didnt take a bkt ..... u reminded me of it again ... thks

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